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Save time and resources by maximizing the efficiency of your operations—from supplier evaluation to executive reporting—thanks to powerful, automated, real-time Quality Intelligence solutions from InfinityQS®.

Monitor supplier quality
To make a great product, you need great materials. Supplier delays or raw material interruptions can spell disaster to your production timeline. With InfinityQS, you can analyze the quality and consistency of your raw materials and suppliers as well as your finished product.

Improve decision making
The ability to analyze historical data from all your processes and product lines—true enterprise visibility—gives you unprecedented operational insight. Feeds, speeds, temperature, swirl speed: Get all the metrics you need to make strategic decisions.

Capture quality data from across the enterprise
Ditch the paper, spreadsheets, and manual data entry. Consistent, reliable data is the bedrock of manufacturing quality. With InfinityQS quality control procedures, you can automate quality-data collection from across your plants and manufacturing lines. And when data is centralized and unified, you get anytime, anywhere access to data from any process or site.
Minimize maintenance disruptions
InfinityQS quality control methods integrate with your existing infrastructure so that maintenance is faster and planned downtime shorter. Automation, familiar interface components, and self-serve functionality mean less need to put in IT requests—and less time spent waiting for support.
Improve process evaluation
When you understand the machine performance of your systems and processes, you can optimize their quality performance. InfinityQS's quality control processes provide the means to access that insight—across one line, an entire site, or multiple sites. Access historical data to see trends across time and more easily track down process issues before they become serious problems.
Unify quality data access
All your data is stored in a central, unified location rather than in separate data silos spread across the enterprise. As a result, quality control analysis is more comprehensive and complete.
Accelerate data analysis
Automation and aggregation make quality control analysis of your enterprise-wide data much faster and easier with InfinityQS. Add flexible, automated reporting capabilities and the advice of our expert analytical experts, and you’ve got unbeatable insight into your operations.
Modernize tracking and reporting
Regular monitoring of product and quality control processes can provide the insight you need to keep manufacturing running smoothly. With InfinityQS automated, standardized data collection and configurable reporting, you can save time and resources and reduce the potential for human error. The result? Easier insight into—and control over—quality-related costs.

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Crayola transformed the way it does business, enabling the company to concentrate its resources where they have the greatest impact.

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Akron Children’s Hospital used Minitab to minimize the risk of serious safety events for babies born prematurely.

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