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Manufacturing Excellence

There's ever increasing pressure on Manufacturers for not only exceeding the Quality expectations of customers, but also to be ahead of markets forces that pose a threat to organisational existence.

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Service Excellence

A Service Organisation needs holistic & real-time visibility of its processes to make insightful decisions. Bring maximum alignment to what you Promise, and what gets Delivered.

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People Excellence

People are the most Under-utilised Resource in majority of organisations. Facing the most challenging times than ever before, businesses need to have an Engaged & Efficient Workforce.

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What is Minitab?

Minitab is a popular & powerful statistical software package that provides a wide range of data analysis capabilities.Minitab allows the user to create, manipulate and restructure data, produce a variety of graphs from simple charts to detailed diagrams and perform comprehensive statistical analysis.

Minitab 18 Software?

Minitab Inc, is the provider of software and services for quality improvement and statistic education.Minitab is a statistical data analysis software that provides a broad range of basic and advanced data analysis techniques. It includes regression techniques (general and logistic), analysis of variance, experimental design, control charts and quality tools, survival analysis, multivariate analyses (principal components, cluster and discriminant), time series, descriptive and non-parametric statistics, exploratory data analysis, power and sample-size calculations. In addition Minitab supports a wide range of graph and chart types

What is Minitab Express?

Minitab express for mac OS could be a light-weight and intuitive statistics package that permits mac users to use a spread of Minitab tools for introductory statistics native on their mac. Since Minitab specific emphasizes introductory statistics, it's a a lot of targeted vary of tools than Minitab for Windows.

How to use Minitab for statistics?

MINITAB Statistical Software allows you to quickly enter your data and then run a variety of analyses on that data. Minitab can take a lot of the hard work out of your statistics calculations.Minitab offers several resources that are helpful for you to get used to Minitab for statistics.  Such as

    1) Minitab 18 Support - Minitab- Getting Started is a guide designed to quickly get you familiar with using Minitab Statistical Software

    2) Help: A complete Help file is incorporated in Minitab, which provides you with instructions, examples with interpretations, overviews and detailed explanations, troubleshooting tips, formulas, references, and a glossary. Open Help by choosing Help >> Help or by clicking on the Help button on every dialog box in the software.

    3) StatGuide: The StatGuide provides statistical guidance after you run a procedure in Minitab. Open the StatGuide by right-clicking on your output in the Session window, then choosing StatGuide.

    4) Tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials help new users learn how to use Minitab. You can open these by choosing Help > Tutorials while using Minitab.

    5) Assistant Menu is one Minitab feature that makes statistics “taste” better because it makes many concepts clearer and the results understandable. It’s a built-in menu within Minitab that contains interactive decision trees to help you choose the right tool, and then walks you through your analysis step-by-step. It includes guidelines to ensure your analysis is successful, has a simplified interface that is easy to follow, and provides comprehensive reports and interpretation of your output that you can use to present and share your results.

What Minitab is used for?

Minitab 18® by Minitab is leading statistical software for quality improvement and for statistics education worldwide. Since Statistical Data Analysis can help identify opportunities for improvement, benefits can be realized are:

  •        Improve efficiency and reduce costs
  •        Enhance tools for formatting data
  •        Data visualization
  •        Scientifically improve productivity
  •        Increase consistency and reliability
  •        Uncover hidden process personalities
  •        Instant reaction to process changes
  •        Reduces the compliance issues
  •        Forecasting
  •        Risk Management

Trainings and Workshops


Learn & Build your expertise to easily perform Statistical Data Analysis & gain valuable insights to Improve the quality of your products and services. Our courses our guided by highly experienced Industry statisticians and available as Public as well as Onsite programs.

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