Statistical Data Analysis

Statistical Data Analysis - Power of Decision Making for Everyone


Application of Statistical Tools & Techniques, is prevalent in several aspects of our lives today. Data Analysis empowers us to get meaningful insights into the available Data, especially the very large and very small values, which are not easy to comprehend. Besides it helps in eliminating the Human Bias.

Data analysis begins with collecting and organizing of data (both qualitative & quantitative) and then analyzing the data using various techniques and methods to interpret and communicate the meaningful patterns in data to improve the quality of product/process/service. Statistics tell us any trends in what happened in the past and can be useful in predicting what may happen in the future.

One such statistical software is Minitab-18 which has end no of tools such as Bar chart, Pie Chart, Histogram, Time serious plot, DOE, ANOVA, Tables & many more. Minitab-18 is a powerful statistical software package that provides a wide range of data analysis capabilities. Minitab-18 allows the user to create, manipulate and restructure data, produce a variety of graphs from simple charts to detailed diagrams and perform comprehensive statistical analysis.

Statistical Data analysis is the lifeline of any business. Whether one wants to arrive at some marketing decisions or launch new product or improve the existing product or service quality, Public Services & Administration, Organizational Excellence, R&D, Manufacturing, Process Excellence, Economics, Social Sciences, Finance, Human Resource Management, Customer Service, Meteorology, Sports etc., amongst others, we are consuming information and making our decisions, based on the Statistical analysis.

Minitab Statistical data analysis Software makes it easy to analyze survey data you’ve collected and answer questions that can affect your business or organization, take better decisions, solve problems, arrive at deeper understating of customer requirements, to take preventive measures.

Learn & Apply Statistics With Confidence - Get Trained and Certified on Minitab 18

Minitab Training Center in India

We organise the globally recognised Minitab Certified Training courses as Onsite Corporate Programs, as well as Public Training Programs all through the year in several locations. 

Minitab-18 is easy to use and can be utilized interactively to provide data manipulation and statistical analysis for data sets. Using Graphical data, you can create and edit graphs. Minitab helps to know if entered data is correct and also helps you change the data. Based on the data what we have, helps us to know the root cause of problem more quickly through tools. ‘Help’ menu will guide you through methods & formulas. Minitab-18 also has sample data which one can use for learning purpose. First time users of Minitab-18 can get help of Assistant menu, which guides one to go through the analysis and even helps to interpret the results.


Be it statistical methods including hypothesis tests, measurement systems analysis, design of experiments, control charts, and capability analysis our Certified Trainers can guide you with the understanding & Application of appropriate Statistical Tools in meeting your requirements. 

Whether you are looking for the Fundamental courses or Advanced courses there is something we offer for everyone interested in learning and applying Statistics using minitab-18.

Contact us to discover a suitable course for your current requirements.


Minitab 18 for Education

Minitab 18 offers a complete set of statistics in a user-friendly design that makes it easy for students of all levels including student pursuing degrees outside of statistics. Minitab is equally useful for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in statistics as well as students in other fields where data analysis is required.

When so many companies in so many diverse industries trust Minitab for data analysis it is easy for dedicated educators to trust Minitab when teaching who will enter those industries in the future.

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