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There's ever increasing pressure on Manufacturers for not only exceeding the Quality expectations of customers, but also to be ahead of markets forces that pose a threat to organisational existence.

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A Service Organisation needs holistic & real-time visibility of its processes to make insightful decisions. Bring maximum alignment to what you Promise, and what gets Delivered.

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People are the most Under-utilised Resource in majority of organisations. Facing the most challenging times than ever before, businesses need to have an Engaged & Efficient Workforce.

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Essentials for Food Quality
- Data Driven Concepts and Tools

One day Introductory Workshop

Upcoming Schedule:

Workshop Date


8th March 2018


Food and beverage organizations are part of a highly regulated industry, as consumers and governments worldwide demand high levels of food quality control, scientific verification of product claims and safety with “farm-to-fork” traceability. Increasing customer demand for safe food has also lead F& B industry to build up food safety and quality systems. Besides, increasing competition from players in emerging markets, food and beverage manufacturers are under pressure to increase Brand value & consumer acceptance.
In addition to regulatory compliance, Concern Department & professional need visibility across plants and all along their global supply chain to proactively:

  • Reduce risks
  • Improve throughput
  • Minimize downtime
  • Improve process & product consistency
  • Reduce Sampling error & error in Labelling
  • Reduce costs
  • Act on Hazards identification, hazard assessment & preventive measure establishment
  • Determine Critical control points’ and their critical limits
  • Determine products’ shelf life etc..

Over the year we observed & noted various challenges faced by F& B fraternity, some are:

  • varied specifications of components do not match during assembly; hence product targets are not match.
  • Improper sampling from batch lead to mislabeling, mismatch of nutritional value etc. ending the result of recalling a product / withdrawal or alert
  • Confusion on data quality to consider for analysis
  • Lac of need based Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Process Control etc
  • Excessive wastage levels
  • Sudden change in consumption pattern
  • Less awareness of choosing right soft tools & statistical tools to adhere to regulatory environment

Various laws applicable to Food & related products in India as well as globally. E.g. manufacturers of packaged food products are obligated to comply with quality standards and label declarations prescribed under multiple legislations such as The Standards of Weights & Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) and Fruit Products Order (FPO).

Statistical tools are an effective way for improving product’s & process’ quality and safety and to take empowered decision to sort out related issues. Culture of continuous Improvement across F & B organization helps to optimize products & manufacturing process. Food Product & Process Designing, Supplier Quality Check, product specification conformance, capturing VOC (voice of Customer) , New Product Development ( NPD) , Optimization of Nutritional values are a few to name with where application of statistics plays a remarkable role. Relying on quality data for decision making at all level of organization strengthens sustainability & increased revenue & Profit.

This one-day Introductory Workshop is specially designed, to help attendees understand the basics of Data driven Food Quality Management. They will learn how to leverage Statistical Data Analysis to drive improvement initiatives for achieving Quality & Excellence across all departments of a Food & Beverage Processing / Manufacturing organization.

About Workshop

In this Interactive Workshop, participants get introduced to the Key Concepts & Tools, for achieving Quality and Excellence, in different departments of a Food & Beverage Processing / Manufacturing Organization, using case studies & examples.

Who Should attend?

Key Representatives from Production , QA, QC, Quality , R & D , Process Excellence Departments of a Food & Beverage Processing / Manufacturing Organization, with adequate knowledge in their respective processes.

Workshop Structure

Discussion on concepts to introduce selected topics as mentioned above

Hands on Session with relevant examples

Key Topics Covered

  • Popular Improvement Methods & Best practices worldwide
  • Data Preparation for Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Management
  • Forecasting

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Trainings and Workshops


Learn & Build your expertise to easily perform Statistical Data Analysis & gain valuable insights to Improve the quality of your products and services. Our courses our guided by highly experienced Industry statisticians and available as Public as well as Onsite programs.

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