PRECISEManufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing process plays an important role in organizational growth and development. It begins with the designing of the product, materials requirement, specification and to the final output.

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PRECISEService Excellence

Service industry has been an integral part of our life. They provide services which are essential to us, like healthcare, airlines, finance, hospitality, retail, insurance, e-commerce and so on.

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  • Beyond Standards & Compliances

    Driving organisations to a much higher level of operational efficiency, making worries about standards, audits and compliances, a talk of the past.
  • Modular & Scalable

    Precise supports Improvements at level and stages thats suits your immediate priorities as well as to long-term organisation wide Transformation initiatives
  • World-class Support

    We are committed to your organisation becoming world-class with our unique model to enable and sustain the transformations

Upcoming Programs

Organisational Excellence Consulting

Our Organisational Excellence consulting services focus on identifying the most critical issues and search for opportunities for improvement in an organisation. We blend Strategy, Enablement and Analytics, for desired transformation across all departments.
Through our Done-With-You model of consulting, we adapt & support to your organisational vision & mission.
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Minitab products help businesses increase efficiency and improve quality through smart data analysis.
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The Blog


Understand the application of ANOVA in Manufacturing Process!

Suppose in the manufacturing process, we want to compare and check which are the most reliable procedures, materials, etc. We can use the ANOVA.....

What role do t-tests play in Pharmaceutical Processes? When can we apply it?

First of all, I would like to set the concept of hypothesis testing then we will move step by step to the agenda of this post.....

How Statistics applications can add value to the Industrial Manufacturing?

A brief illustration of the applications of statistical methods in the manufacturing industry. Statistics, we heard.....

Is your Sample Size enough for doing the Analysis?

I guess this is an important question we should ask ourselves before doing any kind of analysis. We should know the sample size required to.....

Is your Data Reliable enough to do the Analysis?

Data – what we need to do the analysis? But how much we are sure that the data we have collected for analysis is reliable enough! The main agenda of this post is to discuss data.....

What can we Discover from the Process Data by creating a Simple Histogram?

A simple demonstration of Histogram usage in your process! Histogram is commonly used for graphical representation of numerical data.....

What is Healthcare Analytics? How can it help in Transforming Healthcare Services?

As we all know that the healthcare sector plays an important role in our lives. Healthcare is a vast area which comprises of hospitals.....

What are the applications of ANOVA in the field of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry?

Healthcare industry is the largest sector in India... We will discuss a few applications of ANOVA in the field of pharmaceutical.....

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Knowledge Base

Measurement System Analysis

MSA helps us to find variation due to measurement system itself and guide us to improve the system for measurement in manufacturing and service industries.

Lean Manufacturing

By implementing Lean methodology, we can reduce or eliminate such activity which doesn’t add value in a process. It goes beyond eliminating waste and works to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Big Data

Big data is trending briskly in the last few years. Since we are living in the era of “Internet of Things”, where data are produced in every fraction of time and data growth rate has increased rapidly.

Statistical Process Control

SPC is a method which is used for understanding and monitoring the process. It is widely used in almost all manufacturing processes for achieving process stability to continuous improvements in product quality.

Six Sigma

By implementing six sigma methodology, we can reduce or eliminate variation in a process. It focuses on process variations and works to create a culture of continuous improvement with low defects.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the trending buzz around the globe for its potentiality. We can find its applications in every sector – discrete and process manufacturing, service industry, etc.